About Intravenous Certification Specialist

To help our students, we offer the best Intravenous certification specialist available to give them the best experience possible. Our two specialists, Mrs. P. Pellerin, R.Ph. and Mrs. E. Chenier, M.B.A., R.Ph. are well established in the field of pharmacy with over 70 years of experience combined. Both of our instructors have worked extensively in hospital pharmacy with a focus on management and training of hospital personnel, and have served as Director of Pharmacy. Mrs. Pellerin currently serves on the Pharmacy Technician Advisory Boards for the Houston Community College. Moreover, she is also affiliated with Texas Southern University’s College of Pharmacy Internship Program where she serves as a Rotation Site Preceptor, which facilitates the training of future pharmacists.

Additionally, these outstanding educators provide training students need in Intravenous Sterile Product Compounding. This course is taught by our specialists in compliance with the 797 Compounding of Sterile Products Guidelines. We know that you’ll be pleased with your experience and training you’ll receive at ICS because of the vast experience of our instructors. You will finish the course confident to take the next step in your career. Contact us now to begin your journey in the medical field.