Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Training

IV Certification Specialist is an ACPE accredited provider of IV training.

What do we offer for IV Training?

Intravenous Certification Specialist’s training course is designed for registered pharmacist, pharmacy students, certified pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy technician trainees. This hybrid course is designed to instruct you in all that you would need to be trained and confident in your work. The course includes hands-on training in aseptic garbing and hand washing, hood cleaning, large and small volume parenteral preparation, ampule preparation, etc.

In complying with the USP <797> guidelines, pharmacies preparing IV sterile compounds are being required by many state board pharmacies to have their pharmacy staff trained in sterile product preparation by an ACPE approved course. Since 2007, Intravenous Certification Specialist’s training course has been teaching registered pharmacists, pharmacy students, certified pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy technician trainees.

Course Expectations

With our course, you can expect an environment of learning to help you feel confident in the work you’ll be doing on a daily basis. Each pharmacy technician will receive 40 hours of ACPE approved courses, while the pharmacist will receive 20 hours of ACPE approved courses. During this time, students will understand the concepts of sterile compounding. Included in the 40 hours of training, each pharmacy technician will also take 20 hours of at home study. The pharmacist will take 18 hours at home study with 2 hours of training. If the work is completed at home, these educational courses will take about half of the time spent in classroom. This includes didactic training and skills testing.

In addition to the training hours, the course includes classroom time. This time allows students to ask questions and learn through lectures, reading assignments, and video presentations.

At the end of the course, there will be a computerized final exam given to each student. Students must demonstrate and show the knowledge and skills that are required for doing the job safely and properly. A score of 75% and above is required to pass the final exam and 100% on the IV process validation, to receive the IV certification.

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At ICS, we are committed to making your process of obtaining sterile and aseptic training hassle free. Enroll in our program today! We look forward to helping pharmacy personnel acquire these skills.

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