IV Certification Testimonials

See what some of our students have to say about our IV certification training…

I really enjoyed spending time learning the material and talking with fellow technicians that came from other cities. The course wasn’t too bad if you put your mind into it and focus.

Luis Sanchez

I thought the class was very informative and the teacher was very helpful. It supplied us with all the tools we needed to help us pass the test.

Josh Page

The class was very helpful and the teacher made sure that you understood everything before she went on. I would recommend this class to everyone.

Keithra Jones

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for all the knowledge that you have conveyed to me. You are very knowledgeable and that is very apparent!!! Thanks you for everything!

Veronica Maxwell

I enjoyed the class because of the fact that it was only 2 weekends to complete. Mr. North was very nice and caring. Pharmacy Technician Walgreens Rx


I got a lot of experience from this class and I like the the way Mr. North teach us. I really enjoy it Thank you for the opportunity. Pharmacy Technician

Meskerem Zewde

i enjoy it Mr. North is great instructor I’ll recommend this class to other techs Pharmacy Technician

Mike Spivie

I really enjoyed my time in class. It was a laid back atmosphere and it made it easier to learn. I also liked how all the students helped each other learn along the way, and the instructor was very likable and easy to work with. All in all it was a great experience! Pharmacy Technician

Michelle Cano

I really enjoy the class, very nice and I learn a lot for this class, things that I will be using every day at work. I like all the students from this class and the way we help each other in the time of need. Very nice experience. Thank you very much! Pharmacy Technician

Doina Jordache

The class was AWESOME!! The instructor molded the class into a family! We helped one another in time of need, and gave one another great advice. Loved it! Pharmacy Technician

Erickeya Stephenson

It was my pleasure to take this class, and get even more close to my future goal (PA), and I would definitely recommend this class to my friends. Pharmacy Technician CVS Inc.

Samar Malik

I enjoyed the program, Anson gave us a chance to be interactive during the learning process and was very patient. I would recommend this class to every pharmacy technician I know. Certified Pharmacy Technician United Healthgroup

Temica Willrich

Anson North is an amazing instructor! I would highly recommend this class to anyone trying to improve their skills and resume. Certified Pharmacy Technician Kroger

Ashley Parker

I enjoyed this program. Mr. North is great instructor. I’ll recommend this class to other techs. Registered/certified Pharmacy technician Amex Pharmacy

Christine Arredondo

I learned a lot, met some nice classmates and the instructor took his time to explain every point. In all, it was worth my while. Certified Pharmacy technician

Stephen Denis

I enjoy this program, Our instructor was amazing…..Mr Anson makes you so relaxed. I would highly recommend this course to all my pharmacy staff. It was an interesting class. it was informative and educative….what more can i say? you would be doing yourself a lot of good if you enroll. Registered/Certified Pharmacy Tech.

Chantay White-Johnson

I really enjoyed this IV Certification course. It was cheaper than many of the other programs and lasted only two weekends. I was able to learn quite a bit and practice compounding and sterile techniques in a demo environment. My instructor was kind and helpful throughout the entire course. I would definitely recommended this to any tech or pharmacist seeking IV certification!

Emmanuel Tamakloe

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